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What's the Shamrock?

What does it mean to take your music to the next level?

Founded in 2005, Shamrock Media started as a Christian radio promotion company that serviced the Hot AC/CHR/ROCK side of CCM. It quickly became one of the top promotion companies in the Nashville area. In 2010, Shamrock expanded and added a Soft AC/INSPO division to radio promotions with a renewed focus in 2012 on RHYTHMIC promotions and the addition of music video promotions. The addition of Triple A promotions and music production services kicked off 2013. Promoting independent and nationally signed artists, our team of promotional experts at Shamrock Media have backgrounds in either the music or the radio industry, collectively holding more than 60 years of industry experience, and offering a high quality brand behind your music and the necessary tools needed to promote your music to your intended audience.

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Our Promotion Team

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Chris Chicago

Founder & President
Chris Chicago is Founder and President at Shamrock Media.
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James Riley

VP of National Promotion
James Riley has spent the past 20 years in radio promotions at a variety of labels such as Word, Provident, Inpop, R.E.X. and others as well as his own independent promotions venture the past 3 years.
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Shane Boyd

Director of National Promotion
Shane Boyd has a passion for Christian music. The only thing that can surpass it is his passion for the message itself and for his family. For most of the 1990’s Shane worked with the band Guardian as their main sound engineer and road manager.
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Marco Villalobos

RHYTHMIC Promotions Manager
Marco Villalobos has a passion to see the masses impacted by music, media and various other forms of creative arts.

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